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Useful Downloads

__________________________________________________ ExpressPCB Software   :   To produce your own Printed circuit boards


Download ExpressPCBSetup.exe

Graphpaper Generator

A software for generating all sort of graph papers

Download GRAPHPAP.rar

Feedback amplifier - Notes

The following is for a good set of notes on Feedback amplifiers by G. Kovacs . These notes are complementary to what is already distributed to students taking Electronics III you can download it by clicking the following icon :

Download feedback - notes.pdf

Bode Plots - tutorial

Do not know how to draw a bode plot , here is some notes to help you to do so

Download bode plot.doc

Lecture notes - Electronics I

Download Semiconductor materials , diodes and thier applications[1].pdf

Inductive power transfer

Download Inductive power transfer.pdf

Electronics III - Frequency response of amplifiers having capcitors interacting with each other-Sept 2012

As promised in the class, under this link, you will find two examples ( BJT and FET based amplifiers) . Two interacting capacitors are used in each design. You must appreciate that, using a third capacitor will make the solution rather complex. Go through each solution and see how an expression (incorporating the resulting cutoff frequencies ) is developed . Particularly pay attention to how I have drawn the resulting frequency response ( Bode plot) . If you are having difficulty in understanding Bode plots ,then see link above or do an internet search

Download frequency response of amplifier having capcitors interacting with each other.pdf

Electronics III - Multistage amplifiers and frequency limt of the H- transitor model - Sept 2012

In this handout, you will find some notes relating to: [1] Frequency response of multistage amplifiers, having identical and differing frequency responses [2]Factors that limit the high frequency response of the Hybrid transistor model

Download Muti-stage amplifiers and limitation of the Transistor  High Frequency Model.pdf

Solved examples -Electronics III -1/10/2012

As promised, in the following link you will find some solved examples on amplifier frequency response . Review all these example . If you have any difficulty in understanding any of these ex. , then do not hesitate to see me

Download Binder1.pdf

Electronics III - Some Advanced feedback amplifiers questions - Nov .2012

Examples on feedback amplifiers

Download feedback special examples.pdf

Electronics I - Feb 2013 - Semiconductors , J-diodes and Applications

Download A semiconductors , Junction Diodes and applications.pdf

Electronics I -March 2013 -Notes on BJT characteristics

Download Notes on BJT characteristics.pdf

Electronics I - New FET lecture notes April 2013

a summary of your text book's FET chapter

Download The  FET.pdf

Electronics I - New lecture note -FET biasing -April 2013

Again , summary of your text book's biasing the FET chapter

Download FET Biasing.pdf

Eelctronics I - op amp notes -April 2013

Operational Amplifier lecture notes

Download Introdution to Op-Amps.pdf

Another Intro to Op-Amps - July 2013

Download op-amps--.pdf

Electronics II -large signal analysis of BJT ccts - Calculations -August 2013

The following is a handout notes ,supporting the first lecture

Download Max symmetrical swings in BJT cct  -- calculations.pdf

Electronics II- Lecture Notes- BJT ccts , Small signal analysis - August 2013

The following are some notes on BJT circuit analysis; under small signal conditions ... You should not rely on these notes ,solely. Always refer back to your text book. .. review all solved examples and try to solve the questions , at the end of the chapter

Download Small signal   transistor (BJT)  circuits analysis -The linear model-.doc

Electronics II - Solved Examples -August 2013

In the following link you will find several examples ( solved ) on the analysis of multi-transistor amplifier circuits

Download Electronics II - Solved Examples - Nov. 2012.pdf

Electronics II - August 2013 - Course details

The following link contains details of the Electronics II course : Syllabus , text book , ILOs , distribution of marks etc

Download Electronics 2 - modified ILO -08-2013.pdf

April 2013 -Electronic cct III -- Homework

To be handed in by 27th of Nov (sharp)

Download e3 homework.pdf

March2014 - Electronics I notes - Operations of the various FET

Notes relating to todays lecture, 27th March 2014

Download FETs  notes.pdf

12th April 2014 Electronics I - FET circuits -graphical solutions

Download FET Circuits -graphical solutions.pdf

Electronics I - Feb 2015 Questions and some answers


practical comparator ccts

Download Voltage Comparator Information And Circuits.docx

Electronics I - Second Exam - 2015- ideal answers

Download ideal answers - second Exam - Electronics I -2015.pdf

Electronics II -homework -2015

Download homework-EII 2015.pdf

Electronics I - Home work - April 2015

Download Homework - E I - 2015.pdf

Sept 2015 - Electronics II -HomeWork

Download homework-electronicsii- Sept 2015.pdf

Electronics I -Text Book - solutions Manual

Download solution manual - E1-.pdf

Electronics III - Amplifiers ,High Frequency response

Download Frequency-mod-.pdf

March 2016 Electronics I- check you answers

Download Electronics1 - March 2016.pdf